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Antonio Sep 21.2015 9:59
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Swapna Nov 09.2013 12:26
The film shows the impact of the destruction of the Buddha idols by the Taliban in Bamiyan valley- how it prompted an Archaeology professor to unearth more idols, how the Chinese tried to make money out of it, and how the world suddenly took notice of this hitherto unknown place. The film struck a chord because of this wide spectrum it covers. A very important question in the narration- Why do we need a tangible God?
I also wonder what happened to Sayyed Mirza and his family. Were they moved to a warmer place?
Michael Harings Jun 27.2011 0:16
All the stone idols have vacated their niches. Now all your ordinary sacreds must fill the spaces. Nothing conditional lasts. Nothing different survives the niche and test of time. Every monument is mocked. If anything lasts even one generation beyond your lifetime, you imagine it is eternal.-- Adi Da Samraj, on hearing the Taliban were destroying ancient Buddhist Statues of Bamiyan, Afghanistan, from The Orpheus Trilogy.
noelle Jun 15.2011 8:03
Ok, this is a reflection of our age. Disrespect and no compassion. In the face of the distruction (disrespect) of these buddas, the un comes running in and wants to save the day (make money) and kicks out the people that made the buddahs their home? Wow!!!... In the attempt to reconstruct these buddahs the un is reflecting a total lack of compossion. I dont think that is what buddism means. Give the locals back their homes. And maybe even a job helping rebuild the buddhas.
olin Jun 15.2011 7:39
The destruction of the giant Buddhas is a true tradgedy. Even greater is the eviction of the people who lived for generations in the caves at the Buddhas feet. Taking not just their homes but their livelihood is as bad as the destruction of the Bhuddhas themselves. GIVE THEM BACK THEIR CAVES!!!
jessica Feb 04.2011 2:41
highly recommended...a real work of art. enlightening on so many levels.
gustavo Jul 16.2010 4:27
i think is a fantastic documentary, the way that the director build this story is amazing, is a ashtonishing documentary.
john Taylor Mar 02.2010 22:44
Hi, hint of irony that it had to be a statue of Buddha. He represented and preached the obvious, impermanence, but also compassion. Perhaps the most important lesson we should strive to learn from this is the one the Buddha preached about compassion. We need to understand and love those we may call our enemies. I think the film did not reflect this point and one missed by many.

Also we can draw similarities from both the Taliban and also the people who built the statue. Yes similarities! Both these share something very similar as both have adapted the teachings of their religions for their own human comfort. First the obvious. The Taliban perhaps used and perverted Islam to justify blowing up the statues. Goal, to fit with what they wanted to see in the world. Second are those who built the statues. These Buddhist followers adapted and changed the teaching of the Buddha and decided to build and worship statues. Goal again the same. Both represent a misrepresented form of the core teaching of the religion. They both share the capacity to develop dogma.

Very good film!
Beata Pupczyk Nov 24.2009 2:52
Thank you for this film and your effort in doing it. I like it very much. Also music is beautiful. All the best.
Gretchen Knight Jun 12.2009 9:30
Thank you all so very much for your efforts in putting together this stunning film and showing me Afghanistan. The cinematography, the writing, the voice and the music—wow. No words of mine could say enough.

Thank you.
Knikki Feb 25.2009 22:43
I am watching this movie with my "at-risk" high school students. They are silent... That says a lot!
Mike Wrathell Jun 13.2008 15:08
I just drew these two buddhas based on Bamiyan buddhas and inspired by the film.

I hope you enjoy them.

Mike Wrathell Jun 12.2008 16:20
I am a modern artist and was deeply moved by the event and your documentation thereof. What a shame! It is too bad the United Nations did not send in a force to stop it and oust the Taliban. Instead, the USA and its allies acted a few months later after 9/11. I remember wanting to go in then to stop the Taliban. Clearly, such intolerance is not the way of God.
Zopa David Labinger Feb 19.2008 1:10
A magnificent film. For years I have had a yellowing and torn newspaper picture of the giant Buddhas taped to a map. I cannot remove them. Every image of these statues must remain. This film is a homage. A wonder.
Zopa David Labinger
February 18, 2008
Lily Yin Dec 27.2007 14:11
Dear Mr Frei:
May I get know the destiny of the family that featured in the film which has moved away from the cave to a house. That was very windy and cold place. Look forward to hear from you.
Ronn Dec 13.2007 14:57
I will definitely see the film as soon as I get the chance. It is a pity to see this happen. Destroying a statue of someone who was so filled with compassion and has helped so much to alleviate suffering in the world is lunacy.

However, we can not forget we share the responsibility for driving the perpetrators to the point they lash out at any symbol they can.

Neither should we forget our own lunacy. We stand by and get rich and fat while over 100,000,000 people die every year from under nourishment, we bomb countries into submission in order to exploit their resources under the pretext of wanting to install democracy.

If we really want to change the world for the better, we must see how the lunacy of others is also a reflection of our own foolish acts.

We refer to these people as barbarians and terrorists, because, their back against the wall they strike with whatever weapons are at their disposal. What should they do? Should they gather in public squares so we can pulverize them with guided missiles?

Am I fearful of the people that carry out such acts? you bet I am. Do i blame them? Not more than I blame "us".

May the Buddha take compassion on us all...

Nancy Nov 13.2007 1:17
I am a student of Buddha, I watched this film one day on T.V. I started to cry and have not stopped thinking about how and hope they can re built this site. The psychic energy around this mountain must be overwhelming to many. Om Shanti Om
Thidaruth Ausrivong Oct 05.2007 3:59
Beautiful... I love it...
Trinity Sep 06.2007 8:22
This movie was amazing and moving, it just set am even bigger fire inside me to understand and learn more of the east way of life. Yet its hard to understand why anyone would do such a thing, not matter what the rest of the world thinks, there are always better ways to make people understand than distorying, history. If we distory history than how can we learn from it. Thank you for making this film.
Gene Aug 20.2007 3:14
We are not extending love by setting our hands and lives to stone. We must do much more in extending our hands in love toward one another and to the future of our earth, the children. Leave stone in stone. Yes I am saddened by the destruction of something that represents Buddha. But building statue stones is not what Buddha represents. Exert the same toward helping someone who is the most precious being in the universe, the one who is next to you. How many of those in need could be touched if we can exert equal love? There is much stone in the universe, but a single child is much more precious. : )
A.S.B. Jun 06.2007 15:43
If I only could have gone and seen them.
What a beautiful movie.
Peter Kaczor May 31.2007 7:31
What a great film. I have heard very little about the giant buddhas and I was very hungry to find out about their story. Your wonderful film explained it all in a great way. I love what the movie is about and I love the way the movie is made. Congratulations! (good luck on future projects)
Dolly Hall Mar 12.2007 3:47
I enjoyed the documentary from Dallas, Texas. I hate to be a war-monger, but in the weeks leading up to and during the actual destruction, could not a UN or other multi-national military force have prevented the Taliban from completing their mission? As for the rebuilding, it does seem like a huge and expensive undertaking, but there are many, throughout the world, with more than enough to keep their own families comfortable. So hiring the locals to work on rebuilding, just like working on the search for the reclining Buddha, may be the best way for them to provide for their families. Thanks again for the insights.
David Hancock - Dallas, Texas Jan 28.2007 15:36
Last night on the television documentary channel, I watched with fascination, awe, and sadness your wonderful documentary on the history, and subsequent destruction by the Taliban, of the giant buddhas in the cave grottos in Afhanistan. The plundering of these, and other, sacred relics the world over is a cause for alarm to me, and the willful desecration of beauty is always something abhorrnet.

What amazed me more was your carefully considered opinions as you filmed the various people related to this site, including the man whose family has lived in the caves for 70 years, the young Muslim woman from Toronto, and the Chinese connection (theme parks notwithstanding). Most particularly the (Swiss) anthropologist whose digs in the area unearthed findings of the many treasures indicated in sacred texts, and hidden many metres below the surface, his diligence and dedication to the project was both touching and inspiring.

This note is simply to congratulate you on such an elegant, elegiac, and moving tribute to our world culture and the debt we owe to the preservation of antiquities which help unite us all at some level. Particularly in light of the ongoing destruction in this part of the world it is sobering and refreshing to hear your voice raised in quiet tribute.

Thank you.
Diana Wilson Jan 28.2007 9:35
The rebuilding of the Bamiyan Buddhas is very important to recapture and visualize that which the before radicalism came to the forefront of not only Afghanistan but the world. I am not religious, but the "mind" of the Buddha was one of peace, tolerance, love, respect, kindness, understanding and intelligence. Rebuilding the Buddhas at Bamiyan will again promote the symbols of these ideals instead of the horrors of radicalism that appeared to win for a day in time. Lastly, could you please give an address where I can donate funds for the Buddhas' rebuilding. Thank you for this most wonderful film...Diana Wilson PhD
Eman Jan 22.2007 23:33
I watched your film on a swedish channel it is really a film about something amazing and important to the world and you have done a great job. I am an afghan-swedish and my father was a teacher of arthistory in Kabuls university. He allways kept talking about the Bamiyan and I hoped so much to see them untill one day I heard that heartbroken news about Bamiyan. I have just one question. At the end of movie Nelofer stands by statue which wasn't compeletly damaged I believe that it was the little one but does it mean it still stands or? I hope you can answer but if u don't I don't mind because thanks for your Movie I have decided to pay Bamiyan a visit this summer. thanks once again for this wonderfull, wonderfull film.
Morgan Martinsson Jan 22.2007 1:48
Dear filmmakers! I was zwapping through the channels of the Swedish television net yesterday evening when I suddenly came across some beautiful images which made me pause. Soon I realized this was a rarely seen intelligent and poetic documentary. I realize I have to get a copy of the dvd in order to see the beginning part I missed.
Peter Davidson Jan 22.2007 1:03
Thanks for sharing, very moved by your documentary
the plans for restoration of the buddhas
seems hard and costly though, after all, whole Afghanistan needs restoration, were those funds blown away also?
Jesper Eriksson Jan 22.2007 0:05
I would like to thank you for your superb production about the Giant Buddhas. It was aired on Swedish TV tonight and I must say it was one of the better documentaries I ever seen. Especially since you had chosen to use music by artists like Philip Glass. The content, the pictures and music moved me in a way TV selldom does nowadays.
Ann Jan 22.2007 0:03
Just watched the film on swedish tv. I am extremely touched. Was just going to see something lazily before bed and remained mesmerized for the whole film. Will try to get it on dvd, I want my children to see it.
Hugo Jan 19.2007 4:50
I enjoyed seeing it! What I especially liked about it was that it also covered about the 'Sleeping Buddha' and the Chinese copy of the 'Bamiyan Buddha' that was being built in Sichuan,next to Leshan where the largest Buddha statue is at.One question that I've been left with that could have been covered in this film was a report(via BBC) about plans to build a copy of the 'Bamiyan Buddha' in Sri Lanka.
t Jan 17.2007 8:46
thank you for sharing these moments and history. The music was such a beautiful experiences as well.

peace and blassings
YEN-PO CHIU` Jan 15.2007 19:26
Benny Han Jan 12.2007 4:39
I just hope that the reconstruction can be started soon...
Dan Covello Jan 03.2007 2:24
The link to order the DVD is broken.
Suny Jan 02.2007 3:48
It was message of enlightment...we are all running after physical things.....except few lucky ones who understand it....
Kathy Burr Dec 22.2006 23:57
I was captivated by the film. However, I am deeply concerned for the relocated Hazara families and, while I value the footage, I cannot believe that the reporter did not realize the meaning and significance of what was taking place when he captured the Buddha being demolished by Taliban.
Amy Dec 08.2006 5:24
As someone who practices Buddhism I was deeply moved by this work. Although the loss of the Buddha Statues is a cultural loss, I feel that their destruction only strengthened my devotion. A tenant of Buddhism is that there is grace in nothingness and non-atachment, so by destroying the statues the strength of the Buddhas can be seen as being stronger. I like to imagine the empty caves when I meditate and gather inspiration from their absence. My body becomes like the caves as I inhale into the back of my body, becoming hallow.
Deepan K Dec 04.2006 14:05
My warmest greetings! I am Deepan from Singapore.

It was a really a first-rate documentary which pays homage to humans who are followers of any religion or philosophy; it clearly shows where the faith/religion is leading us, where we are leading it as a result of our own ambitions, and how ultimately the different paths the faith/religion has gone comes back a full circle and refines us to be a better person.

This is clearly seen from the Afghan lady who took the rough journey home from Toronto to visit the site of the Bamiyan Buddhas. I would greatly appreciate it if I could be directed to the Afghan lady as there are so many more questions I seek to gain answers for and to first-handedly understand her journey back to her father's birthplace.

Thank You!
james a craven Nov 26.2006 4:54
outstanding film. i didn't see music credits for the traditional buddhist music, and i'm currently in search for the highest quality examples of recordings of this kind. what i heard on the film soundtrack was what i'm looking for. please direct me to your source. jac
Zheng Han Nov 26.2006 4:50
As the Buddha said, "Nothing is permanent" and this is true for the Bamiyan Buddhas. I feel outrage by the distruction of the Buddha statues. Such behaviours shown by the Talibans irks me. Who would ever think that they can celebrate and even make a calender from the destruction of the Buddha statues. I hope that the statues can be rebuilt soon be it with the help of Japan, China, India etc, not just for the Buddhist community worldwide but also for the Afghan people who have lost a part of their culture and history.
Piao Fu Nov 25.2006 8:21
This film and the destruction of the Buddhas confirmed my believe that the Talibans are amazingly uncivilised people.
This horrible destruction clearly shows it.

Our Muslim community do not approve of Talibans intolerance of other religions. And they unanimously agree that Talibans do not represent the Islamic sentiments at all.

I hope the rebuilding of these sacred Buddhas will be successful and completed soon. Because it will send a strong message to those uncivilived and backward hooligans called TALIBANS.
Azad Nov 22.2006 12:08
I wonder if the docu has already been released in Australia. I haven't watched the movie yet, but I eagerly and passionately await it.
As an ethnic Hazara, I feel for the loss of heritage not only of Afghanistan but of the whole humanity. I really don't know how many more such catastrophes we have to go through before we really realise how the world works.
Heartfelt congrats and thanx to Christian Frei and his team for making this docu possible. Thanx again!
Pat Foong Nov 21.2006 2:49
Is a very touching and wonderful film. Appreciates all the hard work contributed by those involved in making this film a success. I'm a very interested in purchasing the DVD. Will I be able to purchase in Singapore? If not, what is the next alternative? Thank you once again.
Carl Lundström Nov 20.2006 17:13
I would like to see the film -- I live in Sweden. Is it distributed here?

VELAZQUEZ ALVITER Nov 03.2006 20:54
this film is wonderfull; the history about the giant budhas is amazing and I study history in the mexico city; Desire to say thanks to Mr. Frei for its work and to Miss Nefoler Pazira for its commentaries on its life in Kabul...
Carla Mary Oliveira Oct 27.2006 6:09
Y've just seen the film on Cinemax (one of HBO channels in Brazil) and I'm so impacted with the movie's images and stories. I've cried with the Kabul Museum images and Pazira's testemony...
aziz Oct 20.2006 5:32
i am a Hazara and very passionate to see the film very soon.

The Bamiyan buddah was destroyed becasue it belonged to Hazara people history and culture.
Dear audiences of the film, I advice you to read about the Hazara people history in past 200 years in Afghanistan, they have been massacred, sold into slavery, treated as second class citizen, their sufferings are unimginable. and still continues today.

It will give you an idea why Afghanistan is such a miserable place today.
Alejandra Oct 20.2006 5:04
Brilliantly made and thought provoking.
After watching it, I couldn’t help but ask myself how we can prevent this from happening again and when will we finally accept our differences in culture, religion, and beliefs?
La Serena, Chile
Arif Ammar Sep 28.2006 10:51

I was one of the audiences who watched the movie in front of the big buddha statue in a beautiful evening when the moview was shown in public by the producer and director and characters. The moview is really a very great piece of work on buddha which shall remain a materpiece. I was very impressed by that. I do appreciate the film makers and the film.

It would be so nice if we can get the moview in the market.

Arif Ammar
Gilberte Sinniger Jul 15.2006 10:13
I just wanted to let you know that I was very touched by your splendid movie. I am a great traveller myself and lived in the Far East for over 20 years - so yes your movie is fascinating.

Rodolfo Cruz May 25.2006 23:05
Congratulations by yours documentary excelent, I Study Documentary here in Guadalajara, Jalisco. México. Thanks
Suvanna Cullen May 02.2006 20:32
I saw this film last night as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival. The first 3/4 of it was so beautiful. Unfortunately during the last (not sure how much time - 25 minutes?) the film seem to diffuse/unravel into a largely underexplained series of scenes mainly focused on the Afgan-Canadian woman's face. The Hazara family and the journalist from Al Geezera were most poignant, the narration (for most of the film) is excellent poetry. Please edit the last part of the film! Best wishes, Suvanna
Eric Ellis Apr 24.2006 10:04
I was in Bamiyan myself last November on assignment and felt you very correctly portrayed the issues surrounding their destruction, and the humanity of their possible renovation, and the local impact.
Peter Fredriksson Apr 16.2006 10:19
I had the opportunity too see your film "The Giant Buddhas", since I recorded it from swedish television. I find it very whole as an way of telling an important story. A story about mankind and the difficulties in trying to understand all the diversities and simliarities among us.
I found your way of telling your story as an excellent example; with different perspectives, from different persons. Further; the air of mysticism that escalates in the end when The smiling Buddha suddenly is in one piece- Marvellous!

Thank you!

Best regards

Peter Fredriksson

wendy shaw Apr 13.2006 21:39
I just saw the movie at the Istanbul Film Festival. I particularly liked how it addressed both the history and historiography of the works as they are developing.

In answer to the earlier viewer's question, she is looking at the smaller of the two buddha sculptures, I assume, which was not fully destroyed.

My question is this: did the Chinese man really use the word "kitch" to describe the Buddha park? Has the word -- and concept -- travelled that well?

Thank you for such a great documentary, willing to question the entire notion of destruction and preservation.
Amir Apr 12.2006 10:38
I watched the movie yesterday, in Jerusalem, and enjoyed it a lot. It is very much recommended!
But I do have a question about it - for those of you who saw it - at the end of the movie, in the last minute, you see the Canadian woman, Nelofer, next to the buddha statue - BEFORE it was destroyed. I didn’t get it. How could it be? Didn’t she get there AFTER the destruction? Was it a photomontage? It wasn’t quite clear.
So I would appreciate an answer,

Beside that, as I said, the movie is brilliant, a must-see.
Jean Miyake Downey Apr 03.2006 11:45
Dear Mr. Frei

Today I saw a screening of your rich and brilliant film, "The Giant Buddhas," which impacted me deeply -- the multiple perspectives, the deeply humane meta-perspective, and broad intersecting issues. Breathtaking. I left the theater thinking about Sayyed Mirza Hussain and the relocated families.

I have also been working on a piece on the purposeful destruction of culture as an act of psychological warfare -- looking at Yucca Mountain, the destruction of the museum in Kabul and the museum in Baghdad as well as the Bamiyan Buddha demolitions -- and the attempts to salvage and reclaim history. Your film made me realize that the only kind of reclamation that makes any deep sense for humanity is from the heart. And perhaps it does not need involve a material aspect.

Thank you for this exquisite film, with all-important themes and questions for all of us on this planet.
Riccardo Fiume Mar 30.2006 14:47
Waiting for italian language edition.
Tenzin Lhamo Mar 28.2006 18:02
Dear Mr. Frei,
I saw your movie in Washington, DC, today. Thank you for your care, clarity, and open-mindedness, your commitment to look at a situation from many angles.

As a Tibetan Buddhist nun, I appreciate your efforts and even more deeply appreciate your sensibilities.

Wishing you all the best,
Tenzin Lhamo
Aamir Ali Mar 28.2006 17:58
The filmmaker should not have put in the baseless accusation of a local Afghan that Pakistani and Saudi engineers were involved in the Buddha blasting. I think it was included just for some controversy.
Arian Norway Mar 21.2006 15:05
The destruction was made by Pakistani engineers.
Why are you not investigiting and asking Pakistani FO about that track?
Anne Mar 20.2006 0:47
Christian, your film was shown at Swedish Television SVT2 last night and I would like to thank you for this marvel of beauty and gentle insight.

The thought it evoked in me was: No money for the resurrection of the statues until all children in Afghanistan can go to bed in a warm room with full stomachs knowing they will learn even more, in school tomorrow.

Let´s build the images of Buddha within ourselves - compassion for all sentient beings.
allahyar raza Mar 19.2006 23:11
How can i see this documentary in Winnipeg, MB, Canada? i tried to order the movie online, but i didnt find it. is there any show coming to winnipeg? i would love to watch it. i met the buddahs in the summer of 2004.
Nicholas Lai Mar 14.2006 15:13
Hi, although i havent seen the film, i came across this website coincidentally.
i think it is a wonderful idea.

Please allow me to share a little bit from a Buddhist point of view with you:

The Destruction of the Buddha statues are as Beautiful as the Creation of it. This game me an insight on the teachings of the Buddha- "impermanence" , the only thing that can be certain is uncertainty.

Afterall, its not all bad at all...
Seems to me, ironically, not only are the "idols" and statues gone...but also the Taliban!
and it has even gain international attention...
hmm...just something to ponder about.

Thank you, director and to all involved in this effort.

Humbly giving my views on this topic,
Nicholas Lai
Lukáš Novopacký Mar 05.2006 22:56
Wonderfull film. I have never seen so perfectly filmed documentary movie before. I totally don´t agree with sam spencer. I was having fun all the movie.
sam spencer Feb 26.2006 8:10
Boring. This film should have been 30 minutes at most. An essay is something written; film must be visual, and should have a real story. This was pure self-indulgence on the filmmaker's part. The narrator was not good.
Arnold Strong Feb 15.2006 18:41
Christian Frei has made an extraordinary testament to the profound culture of Afghanistan that commemorates so much more than the Buddhas themselves; it captures the people that make up the world stage. As a United States Army officer preparing to spend a year long tour in Afghanistan, I was very moved by the diverse narrative Frei has composed. This film maker has opened a door into the unique lives of the people of Afghanistan that I hope to share with my entire staff. I am sincerely grateful to Frei for his elegant cinematic introduction to such a tragic event. Taysir Alony, the correspondent from Al Jazeera, best described what he witnessed and is so shockingly portrayed by his camerra work, "it felt like I was watching a murder." The destructive force that removes this hint of ancient civilization moved many in our audience to gasps and tears. This is an extraordinary film. Thank you so much for making such an important document.

Nicolas Rossier Feb 09.2006 17:17
Hope we see it soon in NYC.
I loved your film although I could only see
half of it on a small TV screen at IDFA.
I am looking forward to see it on a big screen. I liked it even more than War Photographer.I thought it was more personal.
Kind regards,
Bob Feb 05.2006 11:28
Given the current issues with regard to the publication of cartoons of Mohammed and the offense this has caused the subject matter of your film could be most topical and I'm wondering if you have any plans to screen in the UK?

I am a Buddhist; It is ironic that this destruction has not seemingly caused more upset within the Buddhist comunity. It is only when you consider that the Buddha himself could have found the fuss almost amusing. He would, however have probably been more concerned, about the expression of any potentially unskillful states of mind the destruction came out of, for the negative impact this expression could have on those involved.

I'm also an artist and can see the destruction from the point of view of world heritage and that this perspective could lead to a far more critical view of these actions leading to further painful ironies hinted at on your web site.
Nephi Henry Jan 28.2006 8:15
Wonderfully honest. The film seeks out the various human complexities surrounding such important monuments, finds those complexities, and presents them with the just treatment they deserve.
Patricio Valenzuela Jan 05.2006 1:43
After see War Photographer I really can't wait to see this film. It' s so important that we document the Facts and the Truth of our age!

The Trailer of your documentary speaks by itself. I hope to see it soon and get a deep perspective of the destruction of the Buddhas and the history of the people involved in the facts

Patricio. Chilean Student
Caroline Jonsson Sep 29.2005 8:12
I was so blown away by your documentary. The subject, look and feel.
A. DeSousa Sep 15.2005 18:06
Great film !
Toronto viewer.
samrann ngam Sep 04.2005 21:18
It is very sad to see the statues that representing the teaching of compassion about life and suffering of all things destoyed. After all, what harm can a smiling face stature do? Probably put there for good or bad imaginaions as those who is passing by, either now or later. This say that this culture is losing their smile and their laughter. The sweetness of things in that village destroy with the statue.
Karishma.L. Aug 31.2005 17:47
When I heard that the Buddhas of Bamiyan were destroyed over the news, I was saddened that very little was probably done to save them. But, after having read the stories of the people involved in helping make this film such as the cave dweller Sayed, & that of the reporter. It is unfortunate to know that the world only reacts when something of historical relevance & importance is destroyed. Otherwise a majority of charitable organisations do not care about malnourished children, or people with disabilities due to land mines. I hope that this film and many like it will show the people of the world where we've all gone wrong in setting priorities towards helping others less fortunate and/or are unable to fend for themselves.
Irène Bignardi Jul 25.2005 17:23
An unique film.
Jan Rofekamp Jul 25.2005 17:19
What a wonderful film!

It is so beautiful, so incredibly interesting and so profound.